Our History

The building, today known as The Whiskey Junction or just "The Whiskey" was built in 1886 and was specifically built to operate as a bar. It was owned by the Grain Belt and Minneapolis Brewing Company’s. At this time it was common practice for breweries to own neighborhood bars that would distribute their products.

After prohibition the bar was owned by Oscar Pierson until his passing. The bar was then operated by Oscar’s brother-in-law Al Halverson who ran the bar until Oscars son, Craig Pierson, took over at the age of 21, which made him the youngest bar owner in Minnesota. At this time the bar was named the Golden Leaf.

At one time the 2nd story was divided into several small rooms and was rumored to have been a brothel, but this rumor has never been confirmed. However it is known that the rooms were rented to railroad employees from the railroad yards that were across Cedar Avenue where the Light Rail Station now resides. This rail yard was the end of the line for trains coming from North Dakota and the employees would spend the night in the rooms and re-board the trains in the morning for the return trip home.

In 1984 the bar was sold to Gary Mackenzie who began the music and blues tradition that Whiskey Junction is currently famous for. This is also when the name was changed from the Golden Leaf, by which the the bar had been know since the days of prohibition, to it's current name of Whiskey Junction.

In 2019, The Whiskey was bought and restored by the After Midnight Group, who opened and currently operate the space as a music and event venue.